Heart Based Living


Welcome to The Divine Within You!

May the sparkling light image above elicit ever brighter feelings within you and help to remind you of your true nature — A Divine Being of Light and Love!

We are all here to Love and to connect, or to reconnect, with the Divine within ourselves, within each other, and within all.  When we do this, we can create and be open to the highest and best possibilities for ourselves and for the world as a whole.  We begin to live our most fulfilling, creative, inspired lives using our gifts and talents!   We feel vibrantly alive and peaceful at the same time.  We release chaos and come home to ourselves.

The purpose of all of my offerings is to hold a clear energetic space that allows you to release any blocks or stuck places to remembering and accessing your true nature.  I support you in reconnecting to Source energy.  When you access this place within, you also enjoy living life from a spiritual perspective, even through any challenging passages and phases.  Life begins to feel much more positive, fun, and magical!  Living your life to the fullest and best is a gift to yourself and to the world!

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