Heart Based Living

The Christ Blessing

Many who have received the Christ Blessing have experienced it as the most powerful loving and peaceful energy they have ever felt.

The Christ Blessing is a conveyance of the Holy Spirit as taught in Spirit to Glenda Green by Jesus/Jeshua.  The blessing is conveyed through a subtle energy that can actually be felt physically.  Glenda describes it as “… the Energy of Life.  Jeshua not only led us into reunion with God, but also with the abundant nature of life.  This is the energy of attraction which leads us to blessings that have already been given but not yet discovered.”

LorraineChristBlessingLorraine, as a trained member of Glenda’s Christ Blessing Givers Team, is happy to convey the Christ Blessing in person or via phone from a distance to individuals or to groups. In addition, Lorraine is now a Certified Master Blessing Teacher, qualified to teach others how to convey Christ’s Blessing. Please call or e-mail to schedule a time to experience the Christ Blessing, and to inquire about the upcoming training.

To convey the actual Blessing takes approximately 5 minutes, and the recipient then rests and integrates the Blessing for at least 7 more minutes.  The Blessing is just as effective remotely as in person.

The Blessing is offered for free.  If you would like to give an energy exchange in the form of a love offering donation, this is gratefully accepted to further the sharing of this work and magnify the Blessing.

On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, Lorraine conveys this blessing at 7:00 P.M. at Unity Center of Peace.

You are also welcome to participate in the weekly Sunday Blessing offered during a teleconference with Glenda and the Blessing Givers Team.  For more information on the Blessing, see www.ChristBlessing.org.