Heart Based Living

Heart-based Living


“A change of heart changes everything.”

Learn a simple, scientifically proven


to vastly improve the quality of your life in this busy chaotic world.

How do you want to feel?

How much of the time are you feeling that?

Enjoy learning this fun tool for a lifetime of managing your own energy and amplifying
your daily “feel good” quotient significantly, enhancing your intuition, and improving every area of your life.


Offering HeartMath® Coaching for Individuals or Small Groups

One time sessions available as desired and/or 4 week transformational training
includes: one hour coaching session per week and a free workbook

Sessions via phone, Skype, or in-person if you prefer and are local.
Plus, I will be available at no additional cost to support you with check-ins during this time as needed.

For a free consult contact Lorraine at 919.967.2215 or cell 919 641-1497
Lorraine is also available for Introductory Workshops


Connecting to Your Sacred Heart

This 3-part brief audio gives you some background information, guides you through the Heart-Centered “Recipe” tools, and gives some suggestions on how to use these tools in daily life. It is free to listen to for 2 or 3 times – then it invites you to donate $7.00


Some Benefits of Heart-Based Living

  • Live life with greater ease and joy on every level!
  • Release chaos and feel calm
  • Achieve peak mental and intuitive performance
  • Improve your health, your relationships, and your emotional well being
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Get in touch with your True Self
  • Access your Heart Intelligence
  • Clear blocks and live your life in a Divine flow
  • Identify and clarify your Divine purpose
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Create new neuropathways
  • Become clearer in decision-making
  • Manage stress
  • Live Well!
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