Heart Based Living

Spiritual Support & Upliftment

Spiritual Upliftment and Support sessions go hand in hand with prayer as we together access the Divine and find the positive gift in any situation. We can release the challenges and stresses of life by changing our attitude and perceptions. We can frame whatever is going on in our lives in the most positive context possible. We can open to our peace and our joy. Compassionate listening naturally goes along with the prayer and spiritual support sessions. I mention it because it is so important that each of us feel safe to be heard by a non-judgmental, loving presence so that we can move forward into a more joyous state of being.

Prayer and Meditation may be combined with the spiritual upliftment and support sessions to create a new feeling state of ease and grace and expanded awareness around any situation.

To make an appointment with Lorraine, please call 919.967.2215 or send an e-mail.