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A Valentine’s Gift to Yourself


two-heartsWe all know the scriptural quote, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This implies we must love ourselves first.

However, it often helps to access the feeling of love for ourselves by first focusing on love for someone or something else.

So let’s prepare now for an experience of a brief self-love “soak”. We can do this in as little as 2 or 3 minutes.

  • Begin to focus your attention on the area around your heart. (Place a hand over your heart if that is helpful to you.)
  • Now begin to breathe into the heart and out from the heart with a few slow, relaxed breaths.
  • Now call forth a feeling of love or appreciation for someone or something in your life (it can be love for a precious pet).
  • Once you begin to resonate to and anchor in this positive feeling, begin to direct this love, care, appreciation, or compassion to yourself.
  • Soak that feeling in – feel it in your body like a warm glow. Rest in this feeling as long as you’d like.

When you complete this exercise, notice how much more open, loving, and compassionate you feel, not only for yourself but for all others.

This is one powerful way to access self-love. I recommend that you do this exercise at least twice a day to build your energy of love.

Be ready to notice the positive shifts in your life from this simple exercise.

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, this is an amazing gift to give to yourself – almost as good as chocolate! When you are your own best Valentine, your world transforms.

You are no longer needy – you are the source of love. This is true empowerment.

With Heartfelt Love,

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