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Spiritual Coaching

Coaching that Nurtures, Inspires, & Transforms!

With Lorraine as a coach and cheerleader by your side, you can make significant progress in clarifying and achieving your goals and in living from your most inspired beingness.   In not only using coaching skills to guide you to accountable action steps to reach clear goals, Lorraine is gifted at holding an energetic container for you to feel nurtured and supported.  She can also integrate her prayer and meditation training to give an extra boost as needed to propel you forward.  Her ability to serve you in asking powerful questions, in clearing energetic blocks and getting you back in touch with your essence creates breakthroughs and transformation in your life.

Lorraine can also focus coaching sessions specifically on developing a more spiritual lifestyle, including guidance on meditation and prayer skills and in viewing life from a spiritual perspective.

So what happens in a coaching session?

First, we begin with a brief “getting present to the moment” meditation so we can both be in a state of connection and clarity to make the most of our time together to serve your intentions and to help you get in touch with what you really want to receive and to achieve.

Then you bring up what you are wanting to work on.  Together we tune into the energy to find any energetic blocks to achieving your goals.

Next, we clear any blocks you are having by using energy tools so you can get more fully in touch with your essence and your power to move forward.

Next we create an action step or steps for you to take that move you toward your goal. We include a plan for accountability so you can stick with it.

Sessions can be one time support OR a series to keep your life unfolding in all the best ways that your heart desires.

To schedule a free “discovery call” so you can learn more and see if this style of coaching fits for you, call or e-mail.