Heart Based Living

L.E.A.P. – Moving you forward to live your life more fully and abundantly!

In Loving Energetic Affirmative Prayer, we together create an energetic heart-centered space where we access the Divine within ourselves and within all. Praying affirmatively from this consciousness is transformative. Prayer changes us. We can view ourselves, other people, and situations from a higher consciousness and from this new possibilities, awarenesses, and solutions arise. We are empowered to move forward more centered, clear, and inspired.

Praying affirmatively can be considered a very effective form of positive thought training. As we change our thoughts, we change our mind. One Unity prayer teacher puts it this way:

Changed thoughts produce a changed consciousness. A changed consciousness produces a changed and more successful, happier, more abundant life.

Most importantly, though, is that in praying affirmatively we make a conscious connection to the Divine within us and all around us, to the Christ Consciousness. In this conscious connection/union we become a living prayer and a blessing to all and we are bathed in a healing energy that supports our lives.

Lorraine has a gift to hold this energetic space for you and with you and to choose words that bless and inspire. In this energetic prayerful space healing can be received on many levels.

Lorraine is happy to offer prayer sessions to support you. She is also glad to share tips on effective affirmative prayer so you can carry this gift further to bless your life.

Call or e-mail to schedule a time to connect.