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Heart-Focused Quiet Time



My very first recommendation for more Heart-Filled Holidays requires committing to a little quiet time twice a day for 5 to 15 minutes first thing in the morning and again last thing at night right before you go to sleep — easily done while lying in bed! This will be a very pleasurable time that you will grow to look forward to as you begin and end your day focused on resonating to Love and Appreciation. Prepare to be amazed at what this simple practice can do.

heart-candleWith the practice below, you will build and strengthen your Heart-Centered muscle energetically (similar to the way an exercise program builds muscle strength physically); this will give you a strong Heart baseline energy in which to navigate throughout your day.

Step 1:  Pause and breathe out any stress and breathe in peace, as you bring all your attention to the present moment.  Begin to focus on your physical heart area (you can even place a hand there to support this process if you’d like). Begin relaxed breathing into your heart and out from your heart a few times.

Step 2:  Begin resonating to love or appreciation by calling forth a positive feeling of love, care, and/or appreciation for someone or something in your life. This could also be for a precious pet. Feel that in your body as you continue to breathe from your heart. Enjoy basking in that feeling!

Step 3:  Now with this positive heart-centered feeling, begin to extend some heart love, care, and compassion to yourself, and then begin to extend it out to others. You can take this practice further if you’d like and even extend love out to the events and connections of the day ahead of you and into your sleep/dream time at night.

Stay tuned for more specific tips in the next couple of posts.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or amazing stories to share as you engage in this heart-centering practice! By the way, can you begin to see how these Heart-Centered Holiday tips can apply to every day of the year for a lighter, more joyful life experience?

To Your Brilliant Heart,

Lorraine at www.theheartbasedlife.com

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